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Personal Assistants...

1. Must be 18 years of age or older
Eligible candidates for AIYH consumers must be of legal adult age to provide personal assistance services. This allows both the consumer and personal assistant to set terms of employment that are not restricted by federal limits for minors.
2. Must be eligible to work in the U.S.
AIYH personal assistants must be able to prove that they are legally permitted to work in the United States. Additionally, we request that you provide a valid, qualifying form of photo identification for us and the consumer’s records.
3. Cannot be the spouse, designated other (SDO), parent of a child under 21 or legal guardian
Only adults who are not legally responsible for the eligible individual's care and support may be a CDPAP personal assistant.
4. Must be willing and able to complete necessary health assessments
The New York State Department of Health requires that personal assistants participate in an initial health assessment alongside submitting proof of MMRs and PPD records.

NOTE: Personal assistants must be willing to undergo annual health assessments for as long as they are employed within CDPAP.

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  1. 1. Fill out our general information form.

    Note: This form is only for individuals who already have consumers in mind. If you don't have someone to work for yet click here.
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  2. 2. Complete required forms:
       • Pre-employment physical (download here)- to be filled out by physician, dated and credited
       • MMR Immunization Records - lab results must state immunity or dates of 2 MMR doses must be provided (one dose if born before 1957)
       • Record of PPD - provide results from 2 TB-skin tests done at least 7 days apart or a negative blood test
  3. 3. Turn in completed forms to AIYH for review via:
       • Fax: (585) 392 - 1112
       • Email:
       • Or in person at 55 Hoover Dr, Rochester, NY 14615
  4. 4. After internal review, a link to our electronic onboarding will be sent to the email you provide.